The Arts; A Journey: Truth’s Joy Fully Revised, Jan. 28, 2017

I wandered around the Earth;

Searching for light in Night’s girth.

I rode on the wind ’til it blew nary more;

In a pursuit of things that true brilliance bore.

I walked ’til my feet turned dust;

Longing for a beauty, just.

I swam through the deepest sea;

Chasing after Wonder’s glee.


Night had long tainted my sight;

So I saw nary but blight.

And, wandering, grew weary,

‘Til I was limp and dreary.

When I found myself ‘neath humble stars of blue;

In dampened caverns they’d sparkled, ever true.

Though small, they shone with valor,

mocking my faithless pallor.


Convicted, I traveled North;

With the Wind bearing me forth.

While, below, Isle changed to Shore;

Youthful Seas turned bitter hoar.

And I was let down ‘pon ice;

Forsook to my own device.

I bemoaned my plight ‘til mine eyes caught this sight:

Hands, unseen, painting colors across the night.


With this Patron at my head, I started ‘new;

And at my feet, before my step, a path grew.

Thusly, for days I went;

‘til my legs were worn and spent.

I trekked to an isle lapsed;

‘pon Aogashima collapsed.

‘Twas there I learned Wisdom’s poise,

Away from all earthly noise.


In peace I swam the oceans,

Free of all null emotions.

Once I had grown exhausted of wanderlust,

‘neath the waves I freely sunk, in faith and trust.

Bubbles flew through dyed light.

And I surrendered my might.

My dreams were of a world, whole;

One only seen in the lull.


‘wakening I knew new height!

This world is one of foresight;

Of formed wonders and unknowns.

An Earth of reverent tones.

A planet and universe most intricate;

A galaxy of the grandest design Witt.

I will walk my days in bliss,

A joy only known through this.


What do you think? You can find my original version, for comparison and discussion, in the post: The Arts; A Journey.

I cleaned up meter and added a traveling “couplet”.