The Arts; A Journey: Magic Fully Revised, Mar. 24, 2017

I’m very excited to announce that I believe I have finished revising Magic. I hope you enjoy the result, and encourage you to share your thoughts/comments (For comparison, you can find the original version of this poem in the post entitled The Arts; A Journey: Magic).


Magic speaks in whispers,

Running gently through the wood;

It prances over rivers;

And refracts light in shivers.

Winking from each flower,

Glinting off of crystal dew;

‘tis the sweetness in the air,

Painting colors barely there.


Magic enchants your eyes,

Playing just beyond the touch.

Beckons to the golden bee,

And adorns the fruited tree.

It is the bird’s trilled song;

The pattern of growing moss.

In the shade it romances;

And in the Sun’s light, dances.


May you always see her,

As she weaves throughout this life,

And value her charming voice;

For on this Earth, ‘tis our choice.

Let thine eyes nary close,

Nor thy ears ever deafen,

Without finding her each day;

Heaven’s Light within Life’s Grey.

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