Truth’s Joy; A Poem Revisited (Part 1)

I had promised Truth’s Joy rewritten and posted today; however, I have been unable to complete it. So, I will post what I have so far, and the rest later.

Truth’s Joy

I wandered around the Earth;                                     7a

Searching for light in Night’s girth.                            7a

I rode on the wind ’til it blew nary more;                   11b

In a pursuit of things that true brilliance bore.            11b

I walked ’til my feet turned dust;                               7c

Longing for a beauty, just.                                          7c

I swam through the deepest sea;                                 7d

Chasing after Wonder’s glee.                                     7d


Night had long tainted my sight;                                7e

So I saw nary but blight.                                             7e

And, wandering, grew weary,                                                7f

‘Til I was limp and dreary.                                          7f

When I found myself ‘neath humble stars of blue;    11g

In dampened caverns they’d sparkled, ever true.       11g

Though small, they shone with valor,                         7h

And mocked my faithless pallor.                                7h


Convicted, I traveled North;                                      7i

With the Wind bearing me forth.                                7i

While, below, Isle changed to Shore;                         7j

Youthful Seas turned bitter hoar.                               7j

And I was let down ‘pon ice;                                     7k

Forsook to my own device.                                        7k


In the original poem that you read before, I wrote about the darkness of the Earth, and then contrasted that with the truth of it’s light. I’m still not sure that I’m happy removing that dark portion, but I’m running with it for the moment.

Then too there is the third stanza, which, as you can see, is not completed…I lingered too long I think at the beginning of it. I should have had the lines move more quickly. But I can’t make up my mind.


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